GRAPHIC VIDEO WARNING: Modern-Day Female Slaves Horribly Abused By Their Owners


There is a horrible and dirty little secret going on in the Middle East that many Americans are clueless about. And your government chooses to keep it that way, because most of the Gulf State nations are considered important allies to the United States.

There is a brutal slavery trade is going on in the Middle East. Desperately poor people from underdeveloped countries come live with wealthy Arab families hoping to make a little money to send back to their desperate families. Most of the women come from Syria, Ethiopia, India, or the Philippines.

Too often, however, the journey turns into a nightmare. Many Arab men end up sexually molesting these “maid servants”, often forcing them into brutal acts of degradation. This is due to modern day Muslim culture, which argues that the Quran gives owners rights over “those whom your right hand possess.”

The Huffington Post reports that many Syrian refugees, as young as 15 years old, are being bought and sold as wives in Gulf States like Saudi Arabia and Jordan. The marriages are effectively shams and more apparently, sexual servitude, whereby the wealthy husband divorces his young wife after a few days. In 2013 alone, the Sharia courts in Jordan documented 737 marriages involving Syrian girls under the age of 18.

A group of young Syrian refugee girls at a camp near the border of Jordan.
A group of young Syrian refugee girls at a camp near the border of Jordan.

A series of painful videos have been leaked to the west of Arab families abusing their female servants in unfathomable ways.

This first video shows a Saudi Arabian family hanging their Ethiopian maid upside down from a hook while they take turns beating her with sticks. She is drenched in blood from the whipping and she can be heard crying for her life.

Warning, this is painful to watch.

Non-European Foreign workers in Saudi Arabia are treated as disposable slaves, with no human rights and are kept as prisoners by their respective employers and forced to endure harsh treatment for little pay.

A recent report by Amnesty International highlighted the horrific state of human rights abuses in the country. It was noted that migrant workers and other minorities regularly suffer abuse and excessive use of force at the hands of authorities.

This next video show a room full of maids in Riyadh, the Saudi capital, tied up like animals in the basement of one family’s house. The conditions are squalid. Women, many of them elderly, are seen sleeping on a filthy floor, tethered to the wall by wires and chains.

The Obama administration, like many of the administrations before it, overlooks these unbelievable human rights abuses, because America needs Middle Eastern oil. If Obama had allowed America to continue to drill, frack, and coal mine, the United States would have been 100% energy independent by now, and we could have held these savages accountable.

Obama has also said that Saudi Arabia is an important ally for the war on terrorism. Of course, he never mentions that all the 9/11 hijackers were from Saudi Arabia. Not only that, but the Saudi government actually assisted those bastards.

This last video is a painful reminder of how brutal our “allies” in the Middle East can be. It shows a young Filipino female slave who decided to end her misery by hanging herself. Her Jordanian host, instead of cutting her down like a human being, decided to videotape the spectacle.

Let us hope and pray that our President-elect, Donald Trump, pursues an energy-independent America, once and for all, so that we no longer have to defend these Middle East monsters.

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