Gov. Abbott Makes BIG Statement – Sanctuary Cities to be BANNED in Texas!


In the wake of Rahm Emanuel, Mayor of the City of Chicago, making a public statement in support of sanctuary cities, it’s refreshing to hear some officials will not follow suit.

Rahm Emanuel publicly refuses to stop providing a safe haven for illegal immigrants and vowed in his press conference to keep illegals ‘safe in Chicago… secure in Chicago.’ Which is an ironic and sad statement considering the murder rate in his city is so high that no one is actually safe there.

In contrast to leadership in Chicago, Texas is showing support of efforts to eliminate sanctuary cities. Texas Gov. Greg Abbott is more in line with Donald Trump, making statements similar to the President-Elect in regards to the idea that illegal immigrants who commit crimes in any city, should be reported to the government as having illegal status. Abbott has signed an executive order to stop funding sanctuary cities like Chicago, and has said he will sign a law banning sanctuary cities all together.

Reporting illegal immigrants is only part of the problem. Abbott understands this, as Texas has been forced to spend a record amount of tax-payer dollars on border patrol.

A spokesperson for Abbott stated that the Governor is ‘hopeful that President-elect Trump will implement a border security policy that eases the enormous financial burden Texas taxpayers have shouldered due to the current administration’s dereliction of duty. The governor looks forward to working with the president elect to secure our southern border once and for all.’