Congress Makes TERRIFYING Announcement About Social Security


The U.S. Social Security system is far from perfect, and absolutely affected by corruption in Washington. We are know learning that Barack Obama let the Washington Swamp get even swampier during his time in the White House.

According to Donald Trump News, a recent audit shows that the Social Security Administration “paid out $1 billion in benefits to people that don’t have social security numbers,” which is absolutely frightening. Who is this money going to? The government clearly doesn’t have a handle on it. This screams of fraud – and $1 billion dollars is a HUGE number.

Something must be done to clean up this mess at the SSA. According to The Hill, Republicans have pushed for fixes to Social Security for a long time, and have “called on Trump to push for Social Security and Medicare fixes.”

The source states that the missing money “indicates that there was a huge flaw in the government’s documentation of ‘representative payees,’ or people who receive benefits on behalf of someone else incapable of managing their affairs,” and that the “SSA has paid out $1 billion to 22,426 representative payees who had no Social Security numbers.”

Looks like the government had a problem identifying and updating information about representative payees, just like they can’t seem to keep track of illegal aliens.

This must be corrected! If it isn’t, the SSA is estimated to pay out $182 million dollars EVERY  YEAR to undocumented representative payees. You can’t get a job without a social security number, but apparently under the Obama administration you could receive benefits from the SSA!

As if that’s not bad enough, the inspector general uncovered another bomb: the SSA “paid $853.1 million to representative payees that had been terminated by the system.” Someone needs to update their system!

Thankfully Republicans can take on the SSA next, right after they fix all the other problems Obama left behind.