Tucker Carlson LOSES IT On Muslim Whining About Racism – ‘Muslims Are Not Victims’


Georgetown University Professor Engy Abdelkader appeared on Fox News immediately after the recent terrorist attack to try to blame radical Islamic terrorism on the American people. Fox News host Tucker Carlson, however, wasn’t having any of it.

According to The Daily Caller, Abdelkader seemingly tried to defend the terrorist who carried out the attack by arguing that “anti-Muslim bigotry and discrimination — what we commonly refer to as Islamophobia — can contribute to a sense of what they term as cultural homelessness.” She then claimed that this sense of cultural homelessness radicalizes some Muslim immigrants in this country like Ohio State University attacker Adbul Artan.

Carlson couldn’t let her go any further, as he wasn’t about to let her get away with blaming the American people for the violence Islamic terrorism has inflicted upon us.

“You don’t address problems within the religion or the Islamic community,” Carlson fired back. “You turn it instead back on America and the West by saying our intolerance causes this. This looks like a lot of victim blaming.”

“You’ve had an awful lot of Americans killed and injured by Islamic terror in the last eight years — almost 100, more than 350 injured — and you’re basically saying that happened because America is not hospitable enough to Muslims, which is not fair,” he continued.

Though Abdelkader admitted that “there’s never justification for a tragedy such as this one,” she then tried to stand her ground by bringing up Stanford University and FBI research that she claimed found “there’s actually a greater threat of terrorism from white supremacist groups and right-wing extremists than there are from individuals who self-identify as Muslim.”

Carlson wasn’t buying this either, and he criticized Abdelkader for “making a point that is unsupportable.”

“I get your defensiveness. I understand that good, decent Muslims feel they are under attack or portrayed as terrorists,” he said. “I understand that, but at some point you have to say this really is a real problem, and it’s discrediting all of us, and until we take it seriously it’s going to continue, no?”

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