First Questions for Tonight’s Debate Revealed… You’ll Be FURIOUS


Amid Donald Trump’s newest scandal, involving a tape which showed him speaking lewdly about women. And now CNN confirmed that the questions for tonight’s presidential debate, which will take place at 6 pm EST, have been adjusted to hit Trump right out of the gate.

Via TheHill: The opening questions of the second presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump will focus on recently surfaced lewd comments made by the Republican presidential nominee.

This has also been confirmed in a report by CNN, the same network which Anderson Cooper has a show on. Cooper and Martha Raddatz of ABC will be co-hosting the debate.

Rudy Guiliani during TV appearances Sunday morning said that Trump will be apologizing for his remarks in an audio tape released to The Washington Post Thursday which contain vulgar remarks about a married woman. Trump also talks about grabbing woman “by the p*ssy”.

There are 54 Republicans that have now publicly made it known they will not support Trump, many of them are urging Trump to drop out of the race. The most notable are John McCain and Sen. Thune. Although Speaker Paul Ryan has not rescinded his support, there are media reports that he and Sen. Ted Cruz may be walking back their endorsements in the coming days.

This bad news for the Trump campaign comes at the same time that CNN media reports also confirm that Gov. Mike Pence Trump’s VP pick is looking for a way off the campaign ticket.

There’s growing pressure on Donald Trump to perform at the debate tonight. Will you stand by the GOP nominee?

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