The Final Straw – The NFL Is FINISHED With Colin Kaepernick


Colin Kaepernick certainly made some enemies and lost some fans when he protested the national anthem. Now it seems that he may have ruined his chances of getting his football career back.

According to the Angry Patriot, Colin Kaepernick is finished. The source reports that  the quarterback has been banned from the 2017 NFL season. No teams had been willing to add Kaepernick to their roster and now Kaepernick says the ban proves his argument that black men are being oppressed in modern day America.

Colin needs to take a look around the NFL and rethink his statement. Actually, he’d be better off using his free time to search for employment. It’s not easy to sympathize with a person who disrespected our flag and our military, but Kaepernick may have trouble finding a new career path outside of the NFL. If you’ve ever heard the guy speak, it’s hard to believe he’ll land a career in nuclear physics.

The sad part is, if Kaepernick had realized that he went about his protests in a disrespectful way and just apologized and promised to not act like a pompous moron in the future…he might still have his career. He was overpaid to begin with, so for now he has the luxury of living off his millions while real Americans struggle to make it day to day.

Kaepernick is his own worst enemy, and the NFL is right to distance themselves from players who try to politicize football. Americans watch football to escape the real world for a while – no one needs to have their Sunday ruined by a spoiled millionaire with the IQ of a gnat.

Liberals will continue to support idiots who protest every chance they get instead of working to enact real change. Colin could have taken his concerns about black men and the police and started an outreach program, or volunteered to speak at youth programs. Sadly, the cowardly quarterback has made all the wrong moves, and is paying the price.