Biggest Child Porn Bust in History: Authorities Arrest Man Who Tortured Countless Children


David Timothy Deakin was placed under arrest last month at his residence in the city of Mabalacat, Philippines. He faces charges in what is possibly the biggest seizure of illegal sexual content in Philippine history.

Upon raiding Deakin’s filthy townhouse, authorities discovered computer and webcam equipment, sex toys, and children’s clothing, underwear, and shoes.

Deakin, 53, moved to the Philippines in 2000. He is originally from the United States. He is alleged to have been sexually exploiting Filipino children and peddling child porn in the form of videos, livestreams, and pictures for years.

Filipino authorities are pouring over approximately 30 hard drives and various computers in an attempt to discover the identities of Deakin’s buyers, as well as the children who were his victims.

David Timothy Deakin, Under Arrest
Deakin’s Workstation With Online Sharing Equipment
Deakin’s Bondage Cuffs
Deakin Sitting While Evidence Is Collected
Scattered Computer Equipment and Young Girls’ Clothing
Stack of Hard Drives From Deakin’s Computers
Deakin’s Filthy Living Quarters

Deakin faces charges of child pornography, child abuse, child trafficking, and cybercrime.

Watch AP video of Deakin and Authorities Following Arrest:

Millions of innocent victims have been ensnared worldwide in the evils of child pornography and sex trafficking. The arrest of Deakin makes but a small dent in the problem. Hopefully, authorities can use information gathered from his computers and equipment to bring to justice the buyers who are at one end of this horrific industry and who make it profitable for sadistic creeps like David Timothy Deakin.