Female Teacher Pays Student $28K To Keep Sexual Romps Secret


A Dallas teacher paid one of her students $28,000 to keep their sexual relationship a secret, the Dallas News reports.

Thao Doan, also known as “Sandy”, is a teacher at Raul Quintanilla Sr. Middle School in Dallas, Texas. She was arrested last week and is being charged with sexually assaulting her 14-year old student.

The boy became addicted to drugs and needed money to feed his habit, his mother said. Desperate for money, her decided to blackmail his teacher for thousands of dollars each month.

The most recent payment to the boy, now 15, was $1,500, according to his mother. The boy’s mother discovered the ransom demand on her son’s cell phone and contacted Dallas police.

Doan and her former student used to text sexually explicit photos to each other. But as the boy’s drug addiction worsened, things took a dark turn.

One message read “… watch ima start getting the pics and everything ready … to show the cops right I ain’t playing,” one message read.

Thank god Doan wasn’t his English teacher, because that kid’s grammar is also a crime.

Doan admitted to Dallas police that and the boy communicated through text messages, Instagram and Kik before they met in a park during the summer of 2015, where they had their first sexual encounter. They also had sex in November and December of 2015, and again in December of 2016.

The boy’s mother told reporters, “At times, he started getting into drugs, drinking, leaving the house. And he would probably get money and just leave the whole weekend. I wouldn’t hear from him. I’d be out looking for him.”

She added, “I mean this is very hurtful because he’s a victim here, and he was the child.”

Doan was the coach for the cross-country and soccer teams at her school. She was released from jail after posting bail, the Dallas Morning News reported.

Imagine being a boy in Junior High School, having sex with your teacher and soccer coach, then getting her to pay you nearly $30,000.


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