Feds Make Terrifying Announcement About Hillary Rodham Clinton

Hillary Looking Smug - Emails Kept Secret for 5 Years
Info on Clinton emails not to be released for FIVE YEARS??? Something's not right about this.

The public will have the opportunity to see for itself what email content relating to Hillary Clinton’s tenure as U.S. Secretary of State was discovered by authorities on the famous laptop of Anthony Weiner. However, inquiring minds will need to wait, and wait some more. It could take as much as five years for that information to be available to the public.

James Boasberg, United States District Court Judge for the District of Columbia, thinks this time frame is too long. According to US News, the judge stated “I’m not satisfied saying, ‘Fine, go ahead and take five years.'”

Department of Justice attorney Lisa Olson indicated that the DoJ has not yet received all of the approximately 650,000 emails in question, although the department has a request filed with the FBI to receive them.

Olson somewhat cryptically added that if the DoJ receives them, she “assumes” the emails will undergo review and may be disclosed to the public.

Judicial Watch, an organization dedicated to transparency from the courts, has filed several Freedom of Information Act lawsuits against the State Department in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia, and has requested release of the files.
In order to facilitate the process of the FBI providing its evidence from the Weiner computer emails, Judge Boasberg has scheduled a November meeting to review progress made in the process.

Judicial Watch and Judge Boasberg have taken up the cause for information transparency with the American people in mind; however, powerful forces may not want to see the public receive information due them any time soon.