Federal Judge Sentences Terrorist To “Deradicalization” Therapy; The Results Are In…


Late last year, six Somali refugees living in Minnesota were convicted of plotting to board planes and join ISIS in Syria. World Net Daily reports that instead of throwing them in prison or deporting them, a liberal U.S. federal judge decided to enroll at least one of them in an experimental terrorist rehabilitation program.

Abdullahi Mohamed Yusuf, 21, was sentenced in November to a 20-year “supervised release”. He was granted time served and sent to live in a halfway house. He receives counseling, and reports to a probation officer. He wears an ankle monitor but is otherwise free to come and go. The terms of his release include a provision that he not “possess, view, access, or otherwise use material that reflects extremist or terroristic views or as deemed to be inappropriate by the U.S. Probation Office.”

In essence, the program is meant to “deradicalize” young jihadists.

This judge clearly does not take the ISIS terrorist threat seriously.

Now, less than six months after Yusuf’s release, things have already gone bad.

The would-be terrorist was caught watching ISIS videos on his computer in the halfway house. When questioned about it by his probation officer, he denied the allegation. He was then asked to take a polygraph test, which he failed miserably. After failing the polygraph, Yusuf admitted to violating his probation and watching the ISIS propaganda.

This “deradicalization program” was developed in Europe and has an abysmal track record of success.

Philip Haney, who spent 12 years working for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, says Minnesota is not the first to experiment with trying to rehabilitate terrorists. He says it’s been tried many times, in many places, including the Guantanamo Bay detainment camp.

The intelligence community has confirmed at least 121 former Gitmo detainees have re-entered the battlefield, and another 87 former detainees have rejoined other terrorist networks. 30 percent of all prisoners released from Gitmo have returned to a life of terrorism.

“The bottom line is these programs have been demonstrable failures,” Haney says. “It’s actually achieved the opposite results.”


There is no word yet as to what the liberal Minnesota courts are going to do about Yusuf, the burgeoning little jihadist living in Minnesota.

What is it going to take for liberal sympathizers to realize that these radial jihadists are dangerous and should be thrown in prison?

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