Fed Up Driver RUNS OVER Rioters Blocking Highway


American liberals love nothing more than blocking traffic on highways to protest against conservatives. However, after watching this video, they’ll likely be thinking twice about protesting like this ever again…

The video above this story shows liberal protesters in Sao Paolo, Brazil blocking traffic on a road while shouting things like, “F**k the Police!” and “Shut This Sh*t Down!” Finally, one driver has enough of their nonsense and decides to take action.

Watch as the driver refuses to slow down, and the protesters respond by descending on the car as they try to push it away. Unfazed, the driver floors it, plowing through several of the protesters before continuing on his way.

If these protesters didn’t want to get hit, they shouldn’t have been blocking the road. Period.

Do you think blocking the road to riot should be a felony?