FBI Comes Forward… Reveals Stunning News On Hillary Investigation

FBI will reopen the investigation into Clinton’s emails.

Poor FBI Director James Comey. In July he was the target of immense criticism by the Trump campaign and it’s supporters for refusing to recommend charges against Hillary Clinton, despite mountains of evidence that Hillary Clinton was certainly deceitful, and at best incompetent, in circumventing official policy by setting up a private email server, sending classified information over that server, and then overseeing the destruction of evidence after receiving a subpoena for all such evidence. Liberals and Democrats tried to pass Comey’s July decision as proof that Hillary Clinton had done no wrong.

Now those same lefties are outraged, insisting that he has done a grievous wrong to the sanctity of the American electoral process by announcing the FBI will reopen the investigation into Clinton’s emails, so close to election day.

Former United States Attorney General Eric Holder stated that Comey has now committed a “serious error” by violating “long-standing Justice Department policies and tradition” in reporting on a case that could have implications with the voters on November 8. Senator Harry Reid of Nevada even went so far as to accuse Comey of a possible federal law violation for intentionally influencing an election. Of course, in light of knowledge of new evidence regarding the private email server case, Comey and the FBI are simply doing their job in reopening the investigation and letting pertinent Congressional committees know of their actions. If Comey didn’t announce this, it is nearly certain that word of the reopened investigation would have leaked. Congress, and the American people, were going to know one way or the other.

Immediately following Comey’s letter announcing the reopening of the email investigation, the FBI appeared in no rush to expedite the matter. The FBI was aware of evidence of previously unknown emails, discovered in a separate investigation by the FBI into an unrelated matter involving Anthony Weiner, for weeks. It now appears that the FBI is going to accelerate their investigation into the Clinton email matter; a good thing, as the American people deserve all the information they can get, in order to make the most reasoned and informed voting decision possible, before election day.