FBI Opens Another Investigation Into Clinton

Hillary Clinton Shocked
Hillary Clinton shocked by new investigation.

This is getting more convoluted, seemingly, by the day. An FBI team investigating devices that may contain evidence regarding allegations of Clinton Aide Huma Abedin’s husband, Anthony Weiner, sexting to an underage girl, discovered evidence that may be relevant to both the Hillary Clinton private email server case. This discovery has prompted the FBI to make the stunning announcement that it is reopening that case, as well as an investigation of allegations of influence peddling by the Clinton Foundation. This latter investigation focuses on whether the Clintons received money from donors in a “pay to play” system, with the Foundation raking in millions and donors receiving sought after favors.

With so much of the newly discovered evidence on a computer in Mr. Weiner’s possession, relating to both the Hillary private server case and the investigation into the activities of the Clinton Foundation, the FBI has decided to proceed in a unified manner with the two investigations.

The timing of this announcement by the FBI, at the very least, may prove to be a huge distraction to the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign as the days wind down to November eighth. It remains to be seen what kind of effect this new information has on polling numbers and the outcome of the presidential race. The FBI’s dual investigations into alleged corruption by the Clinton Foundation and the reopened private email server case will doubtless not be concluded before election day. Some questions remain – what weight will the American electorate place on these new FBI announcements, and, if elected, what burden will the investigations play on the ability of Mrs. Clinton to effectively perform her duties as chief executive?