BREAKING: FBI Makes Massive Announcement About Hillary Investigation

Hillary Clinton Emails
FBI Makes Massive Announcement About Hillary Investigation

Folks are wondering what the FBI has found so far in its reopened investigation of the Hillary Clinton private server case, with clues emerging about the agency’s review of over 500,000 linked to Clinton’s close aide Huma Abedin.

Abedin reportedly had several email accounts that she used while deputy chief of staff for operations, serving under Clinton, at the State Department. They included the following: (1), her official State Department account, (2), her secret Hillary private server account, (3), her personal Yahoo account, and (4) the account for campaign activities of husband Anthony Weiner.

The reopening of the Clinton email investigation was instigated by the discovery of emails pertinent to the investigation among approximately 650,000 found on Weiner’s laptop during a probe into a separate matter involving alleged improper communications of a sexual nature between Weiner and an underage girl.

Upon realization of new evidence pertinent to the Clinton private server case, there was disagreement between the FBI and the Justice Department over whether to pursue a renewed probe with the presidential election well under a month away. Clinton’s campaign and those who support it have a very real problem on their hands – the misdeeds, coverups, and possible criminality of Clinton and her campaign staff in regard to the private server fiasco, which had faded in the minds of many as the months passed, is now front and center again, at a very inopportune time.

During her time working in the Secretary of State’s office Abedin had both a governmental classified computer system, as well as unclassified computer. Abedin reported to the FBI that because she had difficulties printing on the DoS network, she would often forward emails to her unclassified computer system. As the FBI report from their April meeting with Abedin states, “Abedin could access her account and her Yahoo account via the internet on the unclassified [Department of State] computer system.”

Incredibly, in an April 2016 interview, Abedin reported to FBI agents no knowledge of any hacking attempts to her email accounts, as if she would necessarily know of hacking attempts!

Abedin went on with what must have been either a display of incredible technical ignorance or an act to play dumb, as the FBI report of the interview included the following, “Abedin recalled that some people at DoS had issues with their Gmail accounts but she never had a Gmail account.” As if only Gmail accounts were prone to cyber attacks!

Also leading one to think that Abedin had decided to play dumb about technical email issues, unsecured accounts, and hacking, Abedin also informed the FBI, when agents showed her an email on her Yahoo account that seemed to warn her that her account had been hacked, that (1) she did not recall the email (as if her memory of the email is in any way relevant), and (2) despite what the email said she “was not sure that her email account had ever been compromised.” Well of course, she couldn’t know for sure if her emails had been hacked. No one can. Did I already say that she seemed to have chosen the “play dumb” strategy?

Democrats and other supporters of Clinton’s campaign have expressed outrage, fear, and confusion over the FBI’s decision to reopen the private server investigation, as they correctly surmise that this scandal clouds the prospect for what many in the media claimed would be an easy victory. In their myopic concern for a presidential win for their candidate, they clearly have lost sight of the tremendous dangers to which the actions of the candidate and her staff have exposed the nation. Many, many of the emails have already been revealed to contain the highest classification of information. Information that, if in the wrong hands, seriously jeopardize the security of the United States. For example, some of the classified information included details about drone strikes, and other military secrets in what is known as Special Access Programs. It is a shame that so many would the safety and security of the United States second to their own shortsighted goals.