FBI Makes Major Announcement About Hillary Clinton Just 36 Hours Before Election


As the election is now less than two days away FBI Director James Comey made another bombshell announcement about Hillary Clinton relating to the FBI investigation into her use of a private email server while she was Secretary of State.

Comey said that based on a review of the nearly 650,000 new emails found on disgraced Anthony Weiner’s laptop, the FBI has not changed its position from July.  In essence, Comey is saying that Clinton is innocent.

His sudden announcement, just 36 hours before the election raises several concerning questions:

  1. How did Comey and his team have time to thoroughly review 650,000 emails?
  2. Earlier, the DOJ said that the FBI was not supposed to make any announcements about investigations this close to elections. So why did Comey make this announcement just two days before voting?

The announcement is very fishy, and suggests that Loretta Lynch, the head of Obama’s Department of Justice, likely got to Comey. Lynch, an avid supporter of the Clintons, had been upset by Comey’s announcement last Friday stating that the FBI had reopened the investigation.

Obama’s DOJ has become 100 percent politicized. Lynch was caught having a secret meeting with Bill Clinton several months ago, right before Comey declared her innocent, and there were never repercussions for that.

This country is becoming a banana republic, where the most powerful people in government are all buddies and protect each other. The will of the American people has been ignored.