FBI Director States Leaking Against Trump – 10 Years In Prison: Obama And His Officials Worried


FBI Directly James Comey admitted that President Obama and his officials could face up to TEN YEARS in prison if they wiretapped Trump Tower illegally. And, as it stands, evidence suggests that may have happened.

Earlier this month, Donald Trump accused Barack Obama of wiretapping the phones at Trump Tower during the 2016 presidential election. On Monday, Comey went before congress to testify about the president’s claims. Many of the Intelligence Committee wanted answers about something else.

Representative Trey Gowdy used the House Intelligence Committee hearing to cite Obama, and his administration officials as potential sources for leaks.

Like many of his Republican colleagues, Gowdy used his time to focus on recent leaks of classified information to journalists. However, he went a step further by raising specific names of people from the former administration, including Barack Obama, to show they had access to leaked classified material.

Gowdy said to Comey, “I thought it was against the law to disseminate classified information. Is it?” The Director of the FBI stated, “Oh yes. It’s a serious crime.”

“Is the investigation into the leak of classified information, has it begun yet?” Gowdy continued. Comey would not confirm or deny whether the investigation had begun. He wouldn’t deny that he briefed President Obama either.

Urging Comey to investigate the leaks to make sure classified information wasn’t released in the future Gowdy said, “I’ll bet you my fellow citizens are rethinking their side of the equation.” He continued, “Because that U.S. citizen could be them next time. It could be you. It could be me. It could be anyone until we start seriously investigating and prosecuting what Congress thought was serious enough to attach a 10 year felony to.”

However, Comey did reveal that if Obama indeed leak confidential information about Trump, he would be sent to jail for ten years.