Farmer Sprays Poop on Trespassing Actress Emma Thompson and Greenpeace!


A farmer had enough of Emma Thompson and Greenpeace trespassing on his land to protest a future fracking project and he decided to get creative to get them off his land. They were hosting a bake sale.

Yes, you heard that right… They were hosting a bake sale on the farmers land in spite of a court injunction telling them to stop.

Liberals do not care about the law. They do not care if they are in the way of a man making his living. All they care about is their cause, even if it is based on a false narrative.

Why the law in Great Britain did not force-ably remove them is beyond me. It seems to have been going on a while. Officers from Lancashire Police attended the site and spoke to Thompson but took no action and made no arrests. Insane! No wonder the poor farmer had to try himself.

This took place last summer, but it was just too good to pass up. Seems the Presidential Election covered it up!

Just watch: PRICELESS!

The modern day liberal is so immature! Greenpeace lost it’s mind a long time ago. Many of them have become terroristic. Governments and courts around the world are finally cracking down on the eco-terrorist organization.

They have destroyed property in many places, including an UNESCO World Heritage Site. In order to motivate greater government support for renewable-energy sources to battle the human-caused climate change hoax, they walked into a “strictly prohibited” area where the Nazca Lines are located in Peru and laid big, yellow cloth letters that read, “Time for change; the future is renewable.”

They destroyed it!!!

Insane… there are too many stories to cover on how idiotic these people are.