Facebook Refugee Rapists Will NOT Face Deportation From Sweden


Two Muslim refugees who horrifically took part in a gang rape of a Swedish girl, which they streamed live on Facebook in January, will not face deportation from that ultra-liberal nation.

The pair, originally from Afghanistan, are still in the running to have their asylum requests granted.

The Accused: Two Afghan Refugees Now on Trial

A third person, an Iranian immigrant with Swedish citizenship who videoed the sexual assault, is also being tried.

The attorney representing one of the defendants praised the prosecutor for withdrawing the possibility of deportation from the case.

Breitbart reports:

“The prosecutor has taken a wise decision. It is against the Aliens Act, which I pointed out here before,” said lawyer Stefan Wallin who is defending one of the men accused of the rape, 24 Uppsala reports.

Mr. Wallin, who represents the 21-year-old Afghan national, said he and his 18-year-old co-defendant arrived in Sweden when they were under the age of 15.

The Breitbart article continues:

Prosecutor Pontus Melander said he was confident he would achieve a guilty verdict. “We have an incredibly good evidence in the form of film material, but it is always up to the district court,” he said.

Melander said the likely punishment for the two involved in the attack would be three years in prison, while the 25-year-old who filmed it could receive a one-year sentence. The prosecution argued the sentence for slander should be at least one year due to the fact the video was spread widely on social media and the victim would have to live with it for the rest of her life.

Three years in prison and no deportation. Such harsh punishment for the rapists!

Swedish Police Interact With Immigrants

Meanwhile, jihadis living in Sweden are free to travel to the middle east, fight for the Islamic State, and return to Sweden and its coddling culture, while those who state facts considered unflattering by authorities about non-ethnic Swedes face prosecution. This is truly societal suicide.