Ex-Secret Service Agent Turns On Obama – Reveals Dark Secret He’s Been Trying To Hide


Millions of Americans are still trying to recover from the horrifying terrorist attacks last week that left 49 people dead in Orlando, Florida at the hands of a radical Muslim terrorist.

In the aftermath of the attack, Obama has refused to give Americans any advice on how to protect themselves. Instead, he has chosen to lecture all of us on the importance of gun control as he continues on his quest to destroy the Second Amendment.

Seeing the president’s sickening behavior, one of his former Secret Service agents Daniel Bongino knew he had to take action. Western Journalism reported that the former agent risked everything to issue a brutal Facebook message against Obama that gives Americans some practical advice on how to protect themselves in a world where terrorist attacks by radical Muslims have become an unfortunate reality.

Here’s Bongino’s advice:

1. Ignore Obama. He knows absolutely nothing about security and his proposals aren’t only ignorant, they’re dangerous.

2. Stay out of “gun-free” zones. They are only “gun-free” for the good guys and they are magnets for killers and terrorists.

3. Acquire & learn to use a rifle & pistol. Terrorists only understand force and laws mean less than nothing to them. Fact!

With this kind of patriotic attitude, it should come as no surprise that Bongino is trying to serve his country once again by running for Florida’s 19th congressional district. We wish him luck in this endeavor, and we applaud him for taking a stand against Obama!