Entire Redskins Team Leaves the Sidelines to Send BRUTAL Message to Kaepernick

FILE - In this Aug. 4, 2009, file photo, Washington Redskins helmets are displayed on the field during NFL football training camp at Redskins Park in Ashburn, Va. The Oneida Indian Nation tribe in upstate New York said Thursday, Sept. 5, 2013, it will launch a radio ad campaign pressing for the Washington Redskins to get rid of a nickname that is often criticized as offensive. (AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais, File)

During a game against the Steelers last night, the Redskins made a HUGE move against Colin Kapernick during the National Anthem.

As soon as the Anthem started to play, the entire team went out to the field, and helped the military hold up a giant American flag. It sent a massive message of patriotism amid the bad PR for the NFL that the entitled, disrespectful Kaepernick had stirred up by refusing to stand during the Anthem.

The Redskins are hated for their name alone; liberals complain that it’s not Politically Correct enough and demand it be changed (despite the fact that a majority of Native Americans are not offended by the Redskins’ name).

The Redskins just stuck it to whining liberals and showed what true patriotism looks like. And the move is especially striking after Kaepernick decided to use his platform to show disrespect for cops and for our great nation.

And America loved what they did. Check out the response on Twitter:

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