Elizabeth Warren’s Hypocrisy: Female Staffers Paid Significantly Less Than Male Staffers


Women working for Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s (D-Mass) office were paid just 71 cents for every dollar paid to men during the 2016 fiscal year according to a Washington Free Beacon analysis.

However, Warren is known for her rantings against unequal pay for women and men.

On Tuesday afternoon’s “Pure Opelka,” TheBlaze Radio host Mike Opelka highlighted Equal Pay Day by pointing out the gender pay gap among Senator Warren’s staff.

“What’s the one thing that always ticks me off about progressives?” asked Mike. “It’s do as I demand you do and not as I do. So, Happy Equal Pay Day, Elizabeth Warren. How about you equal pay your staff?”

Warren said that the American workplace was “rigged against women” and called it a “national day of embarrassment” for the nation.

“Today is Equal Pay Day, and by the sound of it you would think it’s some sort of historic holiday commemorating the anniversary of a landmark day that our country guaranteed equal pay for women,” Warren said. “But that’s not what this is about. Not even close.”

“The game is rigged against women and families, and it has to stop” Warren continued. “It’s long past time to eliminate gender discrimination in the workplace.”

1995 was the last year where the national pay gap was comparable to the 2016 gap in Warren’s office, according to the data collected by the group that founded Equal Pay Day.

Hillary Clinton, who paid women less then men first as a senator, then as secretary of state, and as a presidential candidate, is also a Democrat who shouted from the roof tops, “Equal pay for women!”

Former President Barack Obama incessantly spoke out about the gender pay gap, but women working at the White House were consistently paid less than men.

Also paying women less than men were Democratic Governors, Jon Bel Edwards (La), who last month held and “equal pay summit,” and Andrew Cuomo (NY), who has signed two executive orders this year to eliminate the wage gap.

More evidence of the liberal hypocrisy.