Elizabeth Warren “Troubled” by Obama Collecting $400,000 From Wall Street


Elizabeth Warren, Democratic Senator from Massachusetts, actually had something negative to say about Barack Obama.
She doesn’t like how much money he’s making.

During an interview on Sirius XM’s “Alter Family Politics, Warren was asked, “What do you think about President Obama accepting $400,000 from Wall Street?” “Well, I was troubled by that,” stated Warren.

Although one of Obama’s many minions, Warren has been a critic of Wall Street. She served as special adviser to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, appointed by Obama, before she entered the Senate in 2013.

Earlier this week it was reported that Obama signed a contract with Cantor Fitzgerald to speak at a health care conference hosted by the investment bank in September of this year. The $400,000 is a hefty speaking fee. Should we start whining and demanding he show his tax returns like the liberals do?