Elizabeth Warren Caught in MAJOR Lie


Massachusetts Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren is in hot water – again! This time her lies show her true elitist colors.

Breitbart reports that Warren “failed to disclose a $1.3 million line of credit provided to her by Bank of America.” That’s a lot of money for someone who parades around as a humble servant of the working class.

Warren is known for the infamous scandal in which she listed herself as a minority at Harvard Law School, claiming Native American heritage that has been widely debated as false information.

Failing to disclose this insanely large line of credit calls Warren’s congressional ethics into question. When Breitbart spoke to famed Boston radio host Howie Carr, his response to Warren’s antics was epic…

“Another example of this shady lady in action — she claims to fight for the downtrodden, but checks the box to claim minority status, takes zero-interest loans from Harvard to buy her mansion, says in 2012 that she doesn’t own stocks, only mutual funds, claims to be the ‘intellectual mother’ of the Occupy movement until it turns into a PR disaster — is anyone suprised by this latest?”, Carr said.

Howie Carr is right on the money! Elizabeth Warren is a career politician who lies to get what she wants and keep her pockets full of cash. She doesn’t care about her supporters, she only cares about herself.


The Boston Herald, a more politically balanced paper out of Boston juxtaposing it’s far-left competitor The Boston Globe, published a story on Friday on the mysterious $1.3 million dollar line of credit hiding in Warren’s closet. The Op-Ed was written by  Colin Reed, an executive director at a Republican Super PAC. Reed points out that the $1.3 million credit on Warren’s Cambridge, MA home was reported by the Herald in 2015, yet Warren failed to list the credit on a senatorial financial disclosure form two years in a row.

“The purpose of the line of credit remains murky,” Reed says, “and Warren’s staff claims she is not required by law to report it.” Reed continues to criticize the Senator for her hypocritical behavior during the presidential transition, saying Warren “hypocritically demand[ed] the highest levels of ethics from President Trump’s Cabinet appointees.”

Warren is shameless! How many times does she have to get caught in her lies until she starts being honest with the American people?