Elite College Forms “Whites Only” Group With A Hidden Liberal Agenda


There’s no way a top rated institution like MIT would start a “whites only” group…is there?

Well they did. But the intentions behind the move might surprise you. Allen B. West reports on this shocking news that a “whites only” club has been formed at the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology…but there’s a twist: it’s really an anti-white people group.

The group exists to “explore it’s racist superiority.” So basically it’s another safe space where white people get to go discover how racist and terrible they are – so no shock now, that liberals are thrilled.

Campus Reform states that “The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) now has a ‘White Person’s Accountability Group’ to help white people understand their roles both in perpetuating systemic racism and in dismantling it,” and the groups mission statement makes their white-hating agenda quite clear.

The agenda claims that during a “White Privilege Conference […] a mixed-race group of MIT community members” realized “that there was a lot they could do with other white people to dismantle internal and structural racism.” White people need to stop gathering around talking about their privilege, and just go behave like normal-non-race-obsessed apologists.

What on earth is a “White Privilege Conference” anyway? It sounds like a massive waste of time and money that liberal elitists think is progressive. The leftist leaders in academia have lost their minds. If they really cared about race or class inequality surely resources could be better spent towards programs where MIT students talk to inner city school children about careers in the sciences.

MIT’s reverse racism is embarrassing, and over time all these stunts will make Alumni donors rethink where they spend their money.