Drivers Use Cars To Fight Back Against ‘Black Lives Matter’ Rioters


Drivers all over the country are fed up with Black Lives Matter rioters causing violence and blocking traffic.

Angry Patriot shared the viral video that has protesters enraged…and regular Americans cheering.

Black Lives Matter’s disruptive, hateful, riots are getting so out of hand that drivers started plowing right through them! Imagine being blocked by a group of ungrateful, jobless, losers while trying to get to work or trying to get to a doctors appointment. Or worse – imagine if someone you loved was in an ambulance and the these rioters blocked the road! It’s unacceptable.


As Donald Trump said, we need law and order in this country! When will these rioters learn that everyday working-class people will not tolerate this nonsense?

Many of the Black Lives Matter protests are anti-Trump, and all of them are disorganized. Not only are people blocking cars, they are breaking windows and threatening anyone who disagrees with them. But when it comes to a person on foot versus a car? The car always wins.

Standing in front of a moving vehicle is dangerous but apparently these rioters don’t care. They think nothing bad can happen to them because they have never been taught there are consequences for their actions. But drivers are fighting back. Getting run over by a car is serious business – but luckily for the rioters, most drivers are going slow. The ones who get hit are just getting what they deserve…

Watch the viral video of rioters getting clipped by angry drivers below: