Donald Trump Jr Takes On Liberal Hollywood, One Tweet At A Time…


Donald Trump Jr. is becoming well known for his wit and humor, as well as his ability to fight against extreme attacks from the left on the character of his father. The best part is, he does it all with a smile!

Donald Trump Jr. has just slammed Hollywood leftists by taking to Twitter to deconstruct their hypocrisy. Conservative Brief reports that the President’s son tweeted this earlier in the month:

The list of celebrities who vowed to move includes names such as Lena Dunham, Cher, Amy Schumer, Whoopi Goldberg, George Lopez, Barbara Streisand, John Stewart and almost 20 others who, apparently, were just teasing us.

According to the source, Donald Trump Jr’s epic tweet was a “response to all the French celebrities who are vowing to leave France if Marie Le Pen is elected.”

Just like Hollywood celebrities were freaking their freak over Trump’s campaign, French out-of-touch elites are doing the same with Le Pen.

Donald Trump Jr’s popularity is rising for a reason! He could certainly run for political office in the future. He would bravely keep up the fight against the biased mainstream media.

Several days after calling out triggered celebrities for their empty promises to flee the country if Trump won, Donnie Jr. moved on to the next battle…the press:

CNN and MSNBC are Fake News, indeed! Now that he’s taken on Hollywood snowflakes AND the mainstream media, who’s next? We’ll have to wait and see.

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