Dolly Parton Infuriates Liberals By Saying THIS About Hillary Clinton

Dolly Parton Shaking Head
Dolly Parton is not a Hillary fan.

It wasn’t that long ago that country music star Dolly Parton heaped praise on Hillary Clinton, and gave her views on the prospect of a Hillary presidency. This past summer Ms. Parton spoke with the New York Times, stating that “Hillary might make as good a president as anybody ever has.” Parton furthered explained, “So if she gets it, I’ll certainly be behind her.”

Parton subsequently reported that people misunderstood her earlier comments, that she had simply been providing her belief that it was a wonderful thing that a woman had a serious chance at the highest office in the land, that the country had made a lot of progress in that regard, and that she did not intend her comments as an endorsement of Mrs. Clinton.

Most recently Parton has stated that Hillary is “nuts” and leading a campaign that is “just crazy.” In addition, Dolly recommended that the American people not be bamboozled by Clinton’s lies and corruption.

Apparently Dolly feels like many of us do: America is ready for a woman president – just not that woman.