Dixie Chicks Get a NASTY Surprise After Insulting Country Fans at CMA Awards

Dixie Chicks Beyonce
Dixie Chicks and Beyonce cause rucus at 2016 CMAs.

Wednesday’s CMA Awards saw Beyonce join the Dixie Chicks on stage for a performance of Beyonce’s song Daddy Lessons. The band has been covering the song as part of their play list during their DCX MMXVI World Tour.

The performance received mixed reviews. Some loved it.

Kym @GlamilyGal tweeted: that Performance was Absolutely flawless! #CMAawards50 Y’all slayed everyone was else

Kelly Kapowski @ItyBityDiddy posted: I think you are my new favorite person! You ladies killed it! They hate when you slay.

On the other hand, some fans were less enthusiastic.

CervezaJen™ @itsjenwbitches responded: Natalie would do ANYTHING to get back even bowing to Beyonce

clayton @r1clayburn commented on the irrelevance of the band and Natalie’s slobbering ingratiation toward Beyonce: @1NatalieMaines she doesn’t respect u,ur band,ur music. She showed u she was queen and u lapped it up.ur a bunch of jokes in country music

After releasing breakout albums Wide Open Spaces and Fly in the late 1990s, the band managed to irritate and alienate a large chunk of country music fans with Natalie’s comments at a March 2003 concert where she announced, “Just so you know, we’re ashamed the president of the United States is from Texas.”

The shocking lack of patriotism rubbed many the wrong way. Country music radio stations across the country almost immediately pulled the band’s songs from their playlists as backlash to Ms. Maine’s comments mounted. The Dixie Chicks never gained a semblance of the popularity they once enjoyed.

About the only way the Dixie Chicks could make such a prominent appearance at an event as important as the 50th Annual CMA Awards would be to attach themselves to someone with real star power, and Beyonce provided that avenue. The fact that Beyonce has almost no ties to country music, save for Daddy Lessons, was apparently irrelevant to the organizers of the show.

Doubtless, most in the media will try to pin the lack of universal praise on the Beyonce/Chicks CMA collaboration on racism, however, the real reason was best explained by tweets posted by Travis Tritt in the wake of the show.

“As a country artist I’m insulted that the CMA thinks we have to have a pop artist on our award show to appeal to big crowds,” tweeted Tritt, and “Apparently, the CMA thinks Beyonce is as relevant to country music as Loretta Lynn, Tammy Wynette or Patsy Cline.”

Natalie Maines seems to have a way with irritating country music fans. As in 2003, she’s done it again.