DESPICABLE Note Left On Decorated Vets Car From A Cowardly Radical Leftist


Most people respect war veterans even if they oppose the war or the policies that sent us to war.

But this cowardly, unhinged, crazy person thought it was okay to spew his hate all over the windshield of a decorated U.S. Marine.

Allen B. West reports that “while the Purple Heart recipient went shopping for a few minutes one Thursday morning in Queensbury, NY. Upon returning to his vehicle, he found an anonymous note containing foul language and death wishes, left there by some low life.” A low life, indeed!

This seems like a case of a person with very radical views who is not emotionally stable. It’s not quite fair to judge the entire far-left viewpoint based on this one sad incident. This is clearly an example of a person who should not represent the entirety of the far-left. However, the disdain for the military is present in far-left and even Hollywood liberal circles.

The Marine who received the hateful note was reported as saying he decided to “laugh it off,” and chose not to be on camera.

NEWS10 ABC showed the note to Lt. Steven Stockdale from the Warren County Sheriff’s Office, who said it was, in fact, illegal to leave a note on a windshield

“Communication these days has gotten very easy for people who want to stay anonymous,” Stockdale said. “And it takes a lot more courage to strap on an 80 pound pack and go to the Middle East and fight for your country than it does to scribble on a note and leave it cowardly behind on somebody’s windshield.”

Hopefully police will be able to track down the person (or people) behind this note and charge them with a hate crime. Hopefully the veteran knows that the good patriots of America are thankful for his service and respect our veterans!