Denzel Washington Blasts “Precious” Hollywood Elites


Denzel Washington has a growing reputation for being a voice of reason in a sea of Hollywood insanity. And he isn’t staying silent after Meryl Streep used her Golden Globes speech to trash President Elect Donald Trump.

In a recent round table for Hollywood Reporter, Denzel gave his thoughts on having a balanced perspective on one’s career, and knowing the difference between hard work and hardship.

Denzel told Hollywood Reporter that two of his toughest jobs were working for the post office and being a garbage man. He said:

“They weren’t bad jobs. Just like people say: ‘Oh, the difficulty of making a movie.’ I’m like, listen, send your son to Iraq–that’s difficult. It’s just a movie. It’s like, relax. I don’t play that precious nonsense. It’s like, oh, a movie. Get outta here. Your son got shot in the face? That’s difficult. Making a movie is a luxury; it’s a gift.”


Denzel goes onto say that being involved in Hollywood filmmaking is “an opportunity,” repeating that “most importantly, it’s a gift.”

It’s clear that he was taking the opportunity to send a clear message to Streep and the other entitled elitists in Hollywood who think they know better than the average Americans — the same Americans who overwhelmingly voted for Trump.

In the wake of Streep’s self-important and long-winded Golden Globes speech – Denzel’s thoughts are a welcomed dose of reality!

His colleagues sit across the table quietly nodding, but it’s hard to read the room by just watching the video. Denzel has the opposite view of many Hollywood elites; such as Meryl Streep, who thinks acting is one of the most important callings on the planet. Denzel stays positive about his profession, saying that making movies is an opportunity that takes talent, but insists – “don’t get it twisted. It’s just a movie. It ain’t that big a deal.”

Sorry Meryl, most normal people agree with Denzel on this one. He is a talented actor that is an important figure in the entertainment industry, yet who has never lost touch with reality. Kudos to Denzel for being a voice in Hollywood for everyday people. Denzel is one famous actor who remained relatable and worth admiring!