Democrats Rocked By Major Arrest


On Saturday, a group of patriots decided to hold a pro-Trump rally in Huntington Beach, California. Sadly, a gang of anti-Trump liberals launched a vile attack on the Trump supporters, punching them and using pepper spray on them.

Unfortunately for the liberals, however, they quickly learned they’d made a big mistake.

Chaos broke out soon after the rally began when liberals started assaulting any Trump-supporter they could get ahold of.

The Gateway Pundit reported that four Anti-Trump Antifa thugs are facing felony charges for assaulting the Trump supporters. This came after several brawls broke out at the rally, with Trump supporter Jennifer Sterling saying she was pepper sprayed after begging the liberals to allow her to lead a peaceful march.

A 64 year-old man said he was attending his first pro-Trump rally and that he was punched in the face by a liberal simply because he was holding an American flag.

The mainstream media tries to make it look like Trump supporters are the violent crazy people, but this reminds us that it is actually radical liberals who pose a danger to society!

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