Democrats “Punishing” Trump By Cutting Off Medicare And Social Security


What are Congressional Democrats thinking? These same liberals who criticized and moaned about the Republican lawmakers for the temporary government shutdown in 2013 are doing something worse. They want to cut off Medicare and Social Security as a way of “punishing” President Trump.

To try to stop Trump and Republicans in Congress, these liberal Democrats have a plan to tie Medicare and Social Security payments to Obamacare, therefore making it near impossible to defund without putting millions of checks on the line.

The Democrats argue that late or missing Medicare and Social Security payments would vilify Trump and hurt his popularity. It is Trump who has consistently worked on defunding Obamacare and works tirelessly on a healthcare alternative. One that everyone can afford. It has never been his intention to hurt Medicare or Social Security in any way.

Trump has tried to work with the Democrats in Congress to pass a bipartisan bill, however they are being clear that they want Obamacare or nothing else, regardless of the cost to the citizens of the United States.


The republicans could pull an “Obama” and pass a new healthcare law without a single solitary vote, but that’s not Trump’s style. Being a business man he learns from past mistakes and the Obamacare fiasco showed all of us how much the Democrats have failed.

Medicare and Social Security are the two biggest welfare reforms from presidents Franklin D. Roosevelt and Lyndon Johnson. Both of whom were Democrats. Now with Obamacare on it’s last breath the Democrats in Congress are willing to throw them under the proverbial bus.

President Trump realizes the absolute worth these two programs have with senior citizens, disabled and the working class of Americans. He will fight these liberals to our nation’s better end.