GOP Rep Veteran Attacks Democrats About Pre-Exsisting Conditions


Democrats will come up with any lie they can. The newest one being that the Obamacare replacement bill doesn’t cover or account for pre-existing conditions.

Representative Brian Mast (R-Fla), who lost both his legs in combat and has pre-existing conditions, attacked the Democrats for claiming that pre-existing conditions were not covered.

He very intellectually stated that Obamacare can’t hope to cover pre-existing conditions without insurance companies leaving the market and ultimately failing. The weak minded people who pushed Obamacare on us with absolute lies, are now attacking the GOP plan with more of them.

Accounting for pre-existing conditions raises the premium costs for everyone else. The GOP decided the solution for this was the MacArthur Amendment.

Representative Tom MacArthur explains it in this video:

In a nutshell, the amendment states that insurers could raise premiums of particular people with pre-existing conditions. In order to make sure that people with permanent pre-existing health problems would still be insured, an $8 billion fund was set up to provide a safety net. “The MacArthur amendment is very clear: Under no circumstance can people be denied coverage because of a pre-existing condition,” House Speaker Paul Ryan says on his website. Nobody would be left without coverage, and we will actually be paying for our own insurance instead of everyone else’s.

The amendment will allow insurers to provide policies at a lower cost. It is still keeping child coverage on their parents’ plan up to the age of 26 with the coverage being renewable.

President Trump is working hard to keep his promises about healthcare reform.