Democrats Hold National Conference To Learn How To Talk To “Real Americans”


Yes, this is actually happening. The Democrats need a conference to learn how to talk to normal people. Wow.

The sad part is, Democrats really do need classes to stay in touch with “real Americans” and the working class. The problems facing the “common man” tend to elude liberals at every corner. At least leaders in the Democratic party are slowly understanding they need change.

Breitbart reports the seminars offered at the retreat will all relate to reengaging lost voters. Some topics include “speaking to those who feel invisible in rural America,” “Listening to those who feel unheard,” and “Rising America — They feel unheard too.”


Ever since the election, Democratic leaders and the mainstream media have had a hard time accepting the results, struggling with the concept that millions of Americans voted for Donald Trump. Democratic elites are more out of touch than ever and it shows in their shock at Hillary’s loss.

Democrats need to realize the way they speak to ordinary Americans isn’t the problem – it’s the party’s unrealistic ideas that are failing them. Maybe instead of holding a conference where clueless politicians talk at each other for days, they should just watch videos of Trump rallies. They could learn a lot about from Donald Trump about how to talk to real Americans.


Democratic policies are horrible. During Obama’s 8 years in office, ordinary Americans started paying attention and getting angry as Democrats brought in hoards of unskilled Muslim refugees, raised taxes, expanded government, deliberately put coal miners out of business, and protected illegal felons in sanctuary cities. Everyday Americans looked around and collectively said, this isn’t working.

Some Democrats are undoubtedly sincere in their efforts to open their minds after the loss, but others are still banging their heads agains the wall with identity politics. The moron of the week award goes to Idaho Democratic Party Executive Director Sally Boynton Brown, who Breitbart says “appears to be working in exactly the opposite direction as those speakers hoping to convince party leaders to reach out to lost white voters.”


Brown claimed that if named chair it would be her job to “shut down white people” and to tell whites to “shut their mouths” – which doesn’t really fit the spirit of reaching out to voters.

Democratic leaders can hold their seminar but it’s doubtful they will learn anything until they admit to themselves their policies are the problem.