Democrat Leaders Caught Handing Out VOTER REGISTRATION FORMS In Refugee Gift Baskets


A disturbing new video shows Nebraska Democrat Party leaders handing out “welcome baskets” that included voter registration forms to refugees moving into their state.

Conservative Review reported that the voter registration forms were placed in the baskets even though the refugees aren’t citizens of the United States. The NDP reportedly collected around 50 gift baskets to hand out to the refugees that included items like diapers and kitchen utensil.

However, NDP Chairwoman Jane Kleeb also included a welcome letter  as well as a voter registration form.

“Nebraska has, and welcomes the most refugees and immigrants on a per-capita basis,” Kleeb said in the video, which was posted on March 18. She went on to talk about the many workshops that the NDP has set up.

Between October of 2015 and September of 2016, Nebraska took in 1,441 refugees, or 76 per 100,000 Nebraskans.

“When [President Trump] put in his racist travel ban we put out a call to action to Democrats across the state saying ‘help us create welcome baskets for refugee and immigrant families who are making Nebraska their home,’” Kleeb said.

She also said that one of the NDP’s goals is to identify politically active immigrants.

“There’s a big misconception that immigrants come to our country as unskilled. The reality is there are some deep political leaders that are making Nebraska their home,” Kleeb said. “We have individuals that led political parties that had to flee their countries because of violence … and so we really want to make sure that folks are embraced by the Nebraska Democratic Party.”

With voter registration forms being provided to refugees in gift baskets, it’s no wonder voter fraud has become so prevalent in this country. What do you think about this? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.