Democrat Maxine Waters Finally Gives Up on Trump Russian Collusion Claim


Upon Hillary Clinton’s stunning November defeat to Donald Trump, Democrats, unable to simply accept that they ran a terrible candidate who simply wasn’t what the nation wanted, have unflinchingly stuck to their absurd claims that Donald Trump colluded with Vladimir Putin and Russia prior to the election.

Search as they might, they have not been able to turn up even one iota of evidence to substantiate their collusion narrative. It has all been a tremendous waste of time. Amazingly, even the most diehard of the anti-Trumpers, House Representative Maxine Waters, has come to admit that there is simply no evidence behind the claims.

Representative Waters was interviewed by Washington Post reporter Jonathan Capehart. Here is a transcript of the relevant parts of their interview:

Jonathan Capehart: “Have you seen anything, either intelligence briefings… anything to back up any of the accusations that you’ve made?”

Maxine Waters: “Sure. Well, first off, don’t forget, that all of our intelligence agencies said ‘yes,’ they have the documentation that they did the hacking on the DNC, and on some of us.”

Jonathan Capehart: “But the collusion though?”

Maxine Waters: “No. We have not. And that’s why the investigations are so important. To drill down, and to connect those dots. To get the facts…”

Democrat Senator Dianne Feinstein, a member of the Senate Intelligence Committee, recently admitted that there was no evidence to the Left’s collusion claim. So too, did Connecticut Senator Chris Murphy, saying there was “no direct evidence” at this time, although he pathetically tried to keep the dying candle flickering with the comment, “We’re getting closer.”

Eight months, give or take, and the anti-Trumpers still have absolutely nothing on their frivolous Trump-Russia collusion claim. If there was something there we would know it by now.

There is nothing. Even the ultimate anti-Trump nemesis herself, Kerosene Maxine Waters, has pretty much admitted as much.