“A Day Without Immigrants” Backfires As Protesters Lose Their Jobs


Companies have been taking swift action against employees who failed to show up for work during the “Day Without Immigrants” protest.

The protest was part of a social media campaign, #ADayWithoutImmigrants, which urged immigrants of every nationality to skip work for the day to prove they are an integral part of American society. Dozens of workers in Oklahoma, Tennessee, and South Carolina were terminated for not showing up to work on Thursday.

The movement should have just called the day what it really was: another anti-Trump rally. Everyone knows immigrants are important, so the day seemed like a slap in the face to Trump supporters and an accusation that conservatives don’t appreciate immigrants. What the left can’t seem to grasp is that people who support Trump are opposed to rewarding ILLEGAL immigration. Either way, most employers were not impressed but this “peaceful protest” that left businesses to suffer.


Truth feed reports that a dozen employers were fired from a bar and grill in Oklahoma after they decided not to come to work on #ADayWithoutImmigrants. At Bradley Coatings, a company out of Tennessee, another 18 employees were fired for the same reason. And meanwhile in South Carolina, 21 workers at Encore Boat Builders were fired, “most of them long-term employees with young kids.”

In what seems like harsh punishment for one day off, it seems the sentiment behind the missing work day was what hurt the employers. To take off #ADayWithoutImmigrants suggests that the employer has failed to respect or appreciate immigrants. Employers in these states were sick and tired of being accused of racism!

According to Truthfeed, Oklahoma, Tennessee, South Carolina, and North Carolina are “right-to-work states” – so it was easier for employers to terminate employees without suffering legal backlash.

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