Day After ‘Hamilton’ Actor Lectures Mike Pence, He Gets EXACTLY What He Deserves


When Vice President Elect Mike Pence went to go watch Hamilton on Broadway, the star of the show started lecturing him in front of the audience. The actor, however, forgot to mention one thing: rape culture.

Red Alert Politics reported that back in 2012, the actor, named Brandon Dixon, sent out a Tweet talking about black men taking advantage of drunk white women on St. Patrick’s Day.


Using a woman who is too drunk to make an informed decision to consent to having sex is defined as rape culture by most liberals and feminists. But of course, since the person who said this is a liberal, the left has been silent on the issue.

Back in 2013, Dixon put out yet another questionable tweet, saying he would have sex with one “white married suburban housewife” for every racist tweet he saw about the Trayvon Martin shooting.



Dixon thought he could get away with lecturing our next Vice President, but now he’s finally getting what he deserves; he is being called out on his own bigoted behavior.

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