Damning Hillary Clinton Footage Leaks – Suggests She RIGGED Debate


Conspiracy theories have been running wild for days now that the presidential debate was rigged for Hillary Clinton on Monday night. Though Democrats have denied these rumors, a new video has surfaced that strongly suggests the debate was indeed rigged in her favor…

News Ninja reported that the video below shows a man who has not been identified greeting Clinton as she arrived at the debate and walking her into the building. This same man was spotted hurrying to her podium after the debate to gather up her note. He then appeared to hand something to moderator Lester Holt, who many felt was much easier on Clinton than Donald Trump during the debate.

The video suggests that Clinton might have been secretly given the debate’s questions before it started, which would have given her a huge advantage over Trump. This would mean that Trump has been right all along in claiming that the mainstream media has rigged this election against him.

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