Crooked Podesta Accepted Billions In Russian Rubles For Doing THIS…


In the midst of Democrats working feverishly to create a Trump conspiracy, they’re own party is being exposed as colluding with Russian officials.

According to The Young Conservatives, John Podesta joined the board of a Russian entity named Rusnano, which is directly funded by the Russian government, and is “not a private company.” The Russian Science Minister referred to the Rusnano fund as “Putin’s child.”

Not only did Podesta join the board of large fund run by Vladimir Putin, but he allowed them to invest millions of dollars into his company.

John Podesta serves on the board of a sketchy little energy company in Massachusetts, that seems to have served it’s money filtering purposes for the Podesta’s. Rusnano invested a billion rubles into the company, which is the equivalent of 35 million in U.S. dollars.

It gets worse. This all went down in 2011…and what was John Podesta doing in 2011?

He was working at the State Department as an advisor to Hillary Clinton. The corruption runs deep in the democratic party, especially when Hillary Clinton is around.

The Young Conservatives breaks down what this all means:

Schweizer says that Podesta then went to the White House to be special counselor to President Barack Obama in 2013 and failed to disclose the 75,000 shares of stock that he had in Joule Energy that was at least partly funded by the Kremlin. He also failed to disclose one of its three corporate boards that he was on. This was a failure of disclosure rules, according to Schweizer.

At the same time his company is benefiting with money from Russia, he is advising Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Looks like the Russians are in bed with the Podesta brothers! They’re probably pretty snuggly with the Clinton’s as well.