Crack-Smoking Charlie Sheen Wishes Death on Trump… GETS A NASTY RESPONSE!

Charlie Sheen is under attack for his horrible Twitter post focused on PE Donald Trump.

Let’s make this clear: Charlie Sheen is a crackhead, domestic abuser, and overall jerk.

Thanks to his insatiable sex addiction, Charlie Sheen exposed himself to HIV, which he contracted, as he announced in November of 2015.

Sheen had a rocky and abusive relationship with ex-wife Denise Richards. She is currently suing him for $1.2 million for evicting her from the home of their daughters, Sam and Lola.

At one time Charlie Sheen was a “Hollywood hunk,” but he’s not looking so good these days.

Speaking of Sam and Lola, they are, according to Richards, afraid to be alone with Sheen, after one two many abusive outbursts and text messages.

Well, apparently Sheen is a rather extreme version of that common Hollywood creature, far, far left of center Moonbat.

Sheen recently took to Twitter where he posted a tweet wishing death on Donald Trump, and many of the responses were devastating, such as this one from Mark Dice:


You are a crack smoking, hooker buying, mentally enslaved moron with HIV. If anyone is on death’s door, it’s you, Charlie.

Nick Paredes responded to Sheen as follows: “no matter how bad life gets, I never actively root for someone to die. That is truly an evil soul.”

And then there was this from Kristin Billitere: “I defended ur ass through ur one of MANY breakdowns. Now ur just a piece of sh*t. You’re living on a prayer. Good luck ass!

So Charlie Sheen has sunk to a new low; who would have guessed that was even possible!