Country Music Fans FURIOUS Over This Liberal Attack On Toby Keith…


A country music festival in Naperville, Illinois claims it has faced political pressure to drop Toby Keith from their music lineup.

Why are liberals out to get Toby Keith? Because he performed at the inauguration for the President. Yes, because he didn’t protest the election, he’s being bullied by leftist activists who can’t handle neutral celebration of the traditions of this country.

The local residents who are causing this pointless fuss, have stated that Keith is “too political” to perform – even though the artist never publicly endorsed Trump or Clinton.

Fox News reports that Toby Keith, “who did not support any candidate in the 2016 presidential election, was forced to defend his decision to perform at the inauguration” and that at the time Keith made a statement in which he refused to “apologize for performing for our country or military.”

Basically, if you didn’t protest Trump’s election, the left thinks you’re “too political” – which is a theory that collapses into itself. Liberals are the ones who can’t separate politics and music! Can’t these liberals just shut up and let people enjoy the festival? Country fans love Toby Keith, and caving to political pressure would set a frightening precedent that a few wack jobs can ruin things for everyone else.

The citizens protesting the Ribfest, which is hosted on June 30, are trying to force their views on others, and need to refocus their energy on their own lives.

The liberal “activists” from Naperville are claiming to be offended by Keith’s presence at the event because of his political views (which he has not expressed) and his “offensive” lyrics, which protesters have not pinpointed.

Fox reports that “despite the protests, Ribfest has defended it’s decision to include Keith and say they will not be nixing him.”

Naperville residents who dislike Toby Keith need to get a life! Stay home if you’re that easily offended.