Corrupt And Powerful Democrat Facing Life In Prison For THIS


The Democratic party has been exposed over and over for being full of corruption. Yet liberals continue to ignore the truth, defending criminals like Hillary Clinton no matter how many times she is exposed or pleads the Fifth.

Conservative Fighters reports on a new case where a powerful Democrat has been outed as a phony and convicted of fraud. According to the site, Dr. Melgen of Florida has been convicted of Medicare fraud and indicted for bribing a Senator.

Melgen was a major contributor to the Democratic party, and apparently he wanted to be rewarded as such. He had a little “I’ll scratch your back, you scratch mine” arrangement with Senator Robert Menendez of New Jersey. Menendez is….of course…another corrupt Democrat.

Melgen, an eye doctor, was convicted of 67 counts of Medicare fraud. Busy guy.

According to Conservative Fighters, the fraud stemmed from 2015, which was the same year the bribery took place. The source says that the results of this case will lead to a conviction of the Senator as well.

It’s no surprise that the New Jersey Senator who supported Obama’s horrible failure of an administration is about to be exposed as a crook.

The leftist media refuses to paint any Democrat in a negative light, but so many of them are elitist hypocrites who only care about making money and maintaining status. The left seems to be panicking because conservatives and libertarians across the country are fed up with the lies and deceit oozing from the leaders of the left in America.

If Senator Menendez is convicted let him serve as an example for other Democrats in Washington that they are now being watched, not worshiped.

Democrats AND Republicans (mostly Democrats) in Washington love being “bribed” because they don’t care about the American people, so they’ll vote however their contributors want them to vote.

Donald Trump has exposed this Washington Swamp for what it is – and finally Democrats are being convicted for their crimes. Let’s hope Hillary is next!