Congress Pushing For THIS Greedy Tax On YOUR Retirement…


President Trump was right! It’s really time to drain the swamp in Washington during this presidency. Congress is full of crooked, greedy, money-hungry politicians. Now they want to overtax your retirement while they line their pockets!

A petition was started by the Angry Patriot Movement to try and stop Congress from overtaxing the retirement plans of hard-working citizens.

According to the Movement, Congress wants to rothify 401k’s by cutting funding and withholding benefits. The source says that “what is exceptionally abhorrent about this proposal is that it would not apply to the retirement plans of those in Congress.”

So Congress wants the American people to suffer while they continue to receive benefits? That is not only unfair, it’s hypocritical. These politicians have ZERO shame. It’s not only democrats in Congress that need to straighten up, both sides of the aisle have issues. (Although let’s be honest, the democrats are the worst offenders.)

Bradford Campbell, the Assistant Secretary of Labor under George W. Bush said, “If Congress goes after the tax advantages of private retirement plans, it should make matching cuts to its own system. It’d be very hard for them to justify not doing that.”

Angry Patriot Movement sums up the problem with the swamp perfectly:

“There seems to be a correlation between how much the government takes away from us and how much they get to keep for themselves. Their prestigious retirement plans remain untouched, while ours are violated and taken from.”

President Trump and Ted Cruz are working on tax reform right now, and they are fighting against many years of corruption and wrong doings. Business as usual in Congress is at risk – and these comfortable bureaucrats will not go down without a fight. If Cruz and Trump can pass a term limit bill for Congress, it will be a major win for the American people.