Colin Kaepernick Gets Bad News! The 49ers Are FED UP With His Protests…


It’s not only the American people who are sick and tired of San Franciso 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s protesting. Now the 49ers have decided to let him go.

According to Freedom Daily, the recent restructuring of Colin Kaepernick’s contract with the 49ers was essentially a firing. Kaepernick has been protesting by taking a knee during performances of the national anthem, saying won’t stand to honor a nation “that oppresses black people.” Meanwhile, Freedom Daily reports, the man makes $19 million dollars a year. He doesn’t seem to be suffering from financial oppression.

The changes to Kaepernick’s contract are rumored to be a not-so-swift reaction to his antics. The 49ers and Kaepernick’s agents have “been working on a restructured contract that, when finalized and signed, is expected to make him a free agent in March.”

The NFL has been so afraid to act on this issue because there are many fans who (sadly) support this loser and his disrespectful nonsense. On the other hand, one poll states that nearly 44 percent of viewers are willing to stop watching the NFL if the national anthem protests continue. The pressure is high to ignore the protests, as liberal media and groups like the ACLU would be quick to jump on the NFL for crimes of racism and free speech suppression had the league taken action without careful planning.

Frustrated fans have had enough, and finally the NFL is doing something to get this ungrateful moron off the field! Hopefully Kaepernick doesn’t get picked up by another team, so he can disappear from the spotlight for good!