Colin Kaepernick Can’t Find A Job: Why NO ONE Will Hire Him…


Colin Kaepernick thought he could offend more than half the nation by disrespecting the American flag AND the National Anthem and suffer no consequences.

Conservative Brief reports that Colin is having trouble finding a job for the 2017 season. Fox News relied on a prominent General Manager (who remains anonymous) to lay out all the reasons no one wants to work with the controversial quarterback.

The GM was quoted as saying “70 percent of teams genuinely hate [Colin], and can’t stand what he did,” and that “teams fear fan backlash if they were to sign him to their roster.”

Now that Colin is looking for work, he’s finding out exactly what happens when you turn your back on your country. Not only did Kaepernick come off as a hypocrite for making millions while protesting the system, but he disrespected our military and our veterans and that left a lasting impression that offended patriotic Americans of all races.

Colin announced he will no longer kneel during the National Anthem, which is funny because he was quite strong in his beliefs when he was getting paid. Now his tune has changed, which is typical of a liberal.

The Conservative Brief reminds readers that the NFL’s rating “took a major nosedive” after Colin began protesting. No team would be foolish enough to take a risk on Colin now, especially since his talents and abilities on the field left something to be desired. The same anonymous General Manager said that NFL teams think “showing no interest is a form of punishment,” and “some teams believe Kaepernick cannot play at a high level anymore.”

Even if Colin begged for years, by the time the memory of his antics faded he’d be too old to play in the league. Looks like Colin ruined his own career, for good.