CNN’s Jim Acosta Mouths Off To Sean Spicer – IMMEDIATELY Gets Shut Down


CNN reporter Jim Acosta has been in a longstanding feud with Donald Trump and his administration, as they have never been afraid to call him out for working for a fake news network. This feud escalated once again on Thursday, when Acosta challenged White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer and immediately had to eat his words.

The Gateway Pundit reported that Acosta began by claiming that there is no evidence Trump Tower was wiretapped by Barack Obama. Spicer immediately pointed out how ridiculous this claim was coming from Acosta, given the fact that he has no intelligence clearance.

Here’s an excerpt of their exchange:

Sean Spicer: “I know you want to cherry do! Where was your concern about the New York Times reporting? You didn’t seem to have a concern with that?”

Jim Acosta: “We have done plenty of reporting on all of that, Sean.”

Sean Spicer: “How do you know all of this? How do you seem to be such an expert in this?

Jim Acosta: “I’m saying that this has been looked at, Sean..”

Sean Spicer: “How do you know it’s been looked at? Wait wait a minute..can you tell me how you know that all of this has quote been looked at?”

Jim Acosta: “Other outlets have reported…you have a Senate and House intelligence committee both leaders from both parties on both of those panels saying that they don’t see any evidence of wiretapping. So how can the President go on and continue….”

Sean Spicer: “Jim, I think that’s cute, but at the end of the day we talked about this for 3 or 4 days. The President was referring to broad surveillance and now you’re basically going back…

Jim, somehow you seem to believe you have all this information, you’ve been read in all of these things which I find very interesting. You’ve come to serious conclusions for a guy who has zero intelligence! Uh…classified..clearance!”


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