CNN Reporter Laughs While Watching Torture Video – DISGUSTING!

Sara Ganim, the heartless CNN reporter who was caught on camera laughing while watching a video of a white, disabled young man being tortured!

A CNN reporter, Sara Ganim, appeared live with Wolf Blitzer to watch and discuss the video of four Chicago ‘youths’ torturing a disabled young white man they had kidnapped.

After CNN played part of the video, which had been filmed by one of the female ‘youths,’ the CNN camera cut to reporter Ganim for her commentary. She was chuckling, clearly finding the torture of this young man (he was disabled and white, and possibly a Trump supporter, so why not?) not disturbing, but funny.

Realizing the camera was now on her, she quickly tried to gain her composure and adopt an appropriately serious look. But, being live television, it was too late.

You see, racism is fine, even hysterically funny, so long as it is directed at whites or Trump supporters. Or so Ms. Ganim seems to believe.

Any doubt now that CNN is not middle-of-the-road in its political leanings?

That a CNN reporter would find the video amusing should not come as a surprise. After all, there have been many who refused to say this was a hate crime, although on the audio one can hear several anti-white statements and slurs.

But, of course, anti-white malice can never be hate. It’s the modern day narrative.