Clintons Keep Losing: BAD NEWS About The Clinton Foundation!


Just when the Clintons thought things couldn’t get any worse, they get MUCH worse.

Not only did the American people soundly reject Hillary Clinton for president, but now the former first family is losing one of their favorite cash cows.

The Clinton Foundation is hurting financially. The foundation has seen donations nosedive over the last year.

When Hillary Clinton left the nonprofit in April 2015 after announcing her candidacy for president, the money spigot slowed. Shortly thereafter, questions were raised about the legitimacy of the foundation; Donald Trump even vowed to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate how the foundation money was spent. Some watchdog groups claim as little as 6% of foundation funds were being used for good causes (the rest was spent on salaries, traveling, lodging, and administration.)

According to the groups latest tax filings, financial contributions fell 37% last year, from $172 million in 2014 to $108 million in 2015. And now that Hillary has lost her bid for president, there is little incentive for contributors seeking access to the Clinton family to contribute anything.

Some political commentators have commented that there’s a curse over the foundation.

Donors to the Clinton Global Initiative have been bailing, including Samsung and ExxonMobil.

Eric Braverman, who ran the CGI for 18 months, abruptly departed in January 2015, and was given a $330,000 payout, according to the tax filings.

Donna Shalala, the former Health and Human Services secretary, was then brought on to run the charity. But shortly after their national meeting last September, she suffered a stroke.

Despite the Clinton’s loss of power in Washington DC, Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah), head of the House Oversight Committee, has indicated a criminal probe into the Clinton Foundation will continue.

Not surprisingly, neither Bill or Hilary Clinton’s speeches are worth much, if anything, as they were when Hillary was Secretary or State. Since leaving that post, the Clintons’ revenue from speeches plummeted from $3.6 million in 2014 to $357,500 in 2015.

That begs the question: Now that the Clintons have no real power, do Clinton speeches have any value left? Unlikely. When Hillary can’t help out your industry, why would you pay her $225,000 for a 30 minutes speech ever again?

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