Clinton Loses It On Heroic War Veteran – Tells Him To ‘Shut Up’


Throughout their time in the public eye, Bill and Hillary Clinton have each shown that they have no respect for the military. Bill proved this once again when he told a veteran to “shut up” during a recent rally for his wife.

Daily Mail reported that Bill was campaigning for Hillary in South Carolina when a former Marine interrupted his speech to ask what his wife would do for Veteran’s Affairs. Things quickly got messy…

“What do you think should be done with the VA?” Clinton asked the veteran, throwing the question back at him.

“The thing is, we lost four lives in Benghazi killed and your wife tried to cover it up,” the Marine responded, causing the liberal crowd to boo him. The veteran, however, continued to talk despite the audience trying to drown him out with their screams.

Bill immediately began disrespecting the American hero.

“Are you going to let me answer?” the former president asked. “This is America. I get to answer. You listen to me. I heard you.”

“I heard your speech. They heard your speech. You listen to me now,” Bill added, his voice cracking. “Am I allowed to answer? I’m not your commander in chief anymore but if I were, I’d tell you to be more polite and sit down.”

“I wouldn’t listen!” the veteran fired back.

“Do you have the courage to listen to my answer? Don’t throw him out. Shut up and listen to my answer. I’ll answer it,” Clinton yelled as the veteran was escorted out by police.

“Can I just saying something? That’s what’s wrong: his mind has been poisoned by lies and he won’t listen,” Bill said afterwards.

A patriotic woman then stepped up to take up the veteran’s cause.

“Hillary lied over four coffins,” she said as a liberal near her yelled “Bullsh*t.”

“She lied and she lied to those families. So all those families are liars?” the woman continued

“Did she lie?” the woman said as Clinton responded, “Will you let me answer?”

“No,” he said. “Why are you afraid to listen to my answer? Are you afraid?”

“No I’m not afraid because I know you’re going to lie,” she yelled as she was removed from the gymnasium as well.

This proves once again that the Clintons have no respect for veterans. SHARE if you think Bill Clinton owes this Marine an apology!